Gently exfoliate, shower, and shave before your tanning session.

Avoid deodorant before your appointment.

Wax and Manicure or pedicure should be done before your treatment.

Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and flip flops to your session. There is a chance for the cosmetic bronzer to rub off on light clothing or sheets, but don’t worry, the bronzer is water soluble and it does come off in the wash.

Ladies can wear as little or as much as they are comfortable with. If you choose to wear a swimming suit or an under garment make sure it is dark in color.

Gentlemen please wear dark underwear or a dark swimsuit.

Tanning session is approximately 15 minutes.

Do not shower or exercise after your session for at least 8 hours with Tahitian tan solution and for at least 2-3 hours with Express tan solution.

Your sunless tan will last for 7-10 days.


To prolong your tan and ensure a flawless fade, moisturize twice a day for a week with a paraben free lotion or you can purchase a Tan Extender lotion at our studio.

Frequent sweating, use of hot tubs, swimming pools, fresh or salt water can lighten a tan.

Do not take long, hot showers or exfoliate during the life cycle of your tan.

Pat your body dry after each shower to ensure the tan will last longer.

Anti-aging, acne, or skin renewal products can increase fading or blotching of your tan.

Make up remover products or oils can fade a tan.

Waxing and hair removal procedures can lighten your tan.

If you must shave, use a sharp razor along with a lubricating product. A dull shaver can create stripes or fading.

Oily skin areas on face, chest, neck, and upper back tan lighter.